Single-player Arkanoid-like game without those pesky aliens.

There are currently 13 levels in this prototype. If you die, you can continue game to proceed further.

Use the full screen for a better experience.

=== GAMEPLAY ===
Remove all blocks to proceed to the next level. Gold blocks can't be removed and silver ones take more than one hit to be removed. Collect occasional pickups to gain extra powers.

=== CONTROLS ===
Move ship - Left/right arrow keys
Shoot ball / fire laser (when activated) - Space

=== SCORING ===
Different blocks have different score values.
Silver blocks are the most valuable.
Extra life at every 20,000 points.

=== INFO ===
Created by Sami S.

I created this game as a learning experience.

I created the pixel art in Photoshop and Aseprite. As you might notice, not all elements of the game are created in proper "pixel perfect" scale (mainly the UI), but I might go into that direction if I have time to continue this prototype. 

Levels are easy to create, so I might add more if someone likes this game.

Let me know what you think in the comments or just say hi if you feel like it!

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